How to use Shortcodes

There are quite a few shortcodes available in KingSize WordPress. Most of which can be seen on this demo “Shortcodes” page. Shortcodes are designed to make adding certain options and features a little less difficult and time consuming sifting through code. […]

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How to create Sliders

Using Sliders can now be used on all and any pages/posts. In previous versions of KingSize WordPress, this was restricted to only the homepage – hooray for updates! To learn more about Homepage Background usage, checkout our Tutorial on “Background Sliders and Background Videos” for the purpose of homepage usage. In this tutorial though, we [...]

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Background Slider & Background Videos

In the release of version 4, we have introduced not only the Video Background capabilities, but a new and improved Background Slider script using the ever popular Supersized. With previous versions of KingSize WordPress, we had a Theme Option where you would upload your Backgrounds and sort them there. In the release of version 4, [...]

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